Directory of Conifers Directory Listings

American Conifer Society
Conifer Quarterly article briefs. Photos and conifer database.

Australian Conifers
Introduction to Australian conifers.

Checklist of Conifers in the British Isles
Catalogue of species of conifers in the British Isles.

Phylum pinophyta. The conifers. List of families and genera. The pine life cycle. Photographs.

Conifers Forum
Discussion of conifers - tree and shrub forms of pines, firs, spruces, junipers, etc.

Selection of conifers from Rice Creek Gardens, MN.

Dave's Garden Plants Database
Huge database of conifers and other plants.

Dwarf and Slow Growing Conifers
Container-grown dwarf conifers.

Garden Conifers
Description and pictures.

Native Conifers of North America
Field guide to conifer species native to North America, including descriptions of morphology, distribution maps, and identification keys.

Pacific Northwest Conifers
Descriptions of the common species of conifers found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Selecting Conifers for the Garden
The United States National Arboretum FAQ.

Silvics of North America
Descriptions and maps of conifer and hardwood species provided by the USDA Forest Service St. Paul Field Office.

The Conifers
Conifer features, diversity, and reproduction.